Case Study: Revitalising Alexander Newley's INSTAGRAM ACCOUNT
Client: Alexander Newley
Duration: 8 months


Alexander Newley, a renowned artist and writer, recognised the need to enhance his social media presence prior to the realise of his new book "Divining The Human". This case study explores how DOGMA85, successfully revitalised Alexander Newley's instagram account within an 8-month timeframe and outperformed competitors in the field.


Alexander Newley (born 8 September 1965), also known as Sacha Newley, is a British contemporary artist, portraitist, writer and teacher known for his portrait paintings,[1] including Gore Vidal and Billy Wilder. Newley's father was actor and songwriter Anthony Newley, and his mother is actress Joan Collin.  Also known as Sacha Newley, he is one of two children from Collins' second marriage to Newley; the other being writer/broadcaster Tara Newley. From an early age he loved the drama of the stage and transformative power of actors.


When Alexander Newley approached DOGMA85, he had a following of 1500 on his social media platforms and a very low interaction rate. The challenge was not just to enhance his follower count but to also reestablish his account's relevance and visibility. Recognising the necessity to address this situation head-on, DOGMA85 devised a strategy that involved an initial investment to "remove the rust." This process aimed to kickstart the account's engagement and activity, a vital step to regain favor with the platform's algorithm. Although the investment required for this phase might have seemed frustrating initially, it was essential to jumpstart the journey towards revitalizing Alexander's online presence. Just as a neglected garden needs attention to flourish again, the initial investment of resources and effort was crucial to clear the way for growth and rekindled engagement.


DOGMA85 embarked on a comprehensive strategy tailored to Alexander's strengths, budget, and timing. A unique aspect of this strategy was the emphasis on meaningful content creation in an era where shallow content often dominates social media platforms. DOGMA85 authenticity and depth were key differentiators that would resonate with Alexander's target audience of potential book buyers aged 35 to 64.

The strategy involved the creation and distribution of three distinct content formats, strategically designed to connect with different segments of the target audience.

1. Shorts Reel from Long-Form Interview:

To tap into the audience's appetite for insightful and engaging content, DOGMA85 transformed long-form interviews with Alexander into bite-sized shorts reels. These reels captured the essence of his thoughts, experiences, and creative process. This format not only showcased Alexander's depth but also piqued curiosity among viewers, encouraging them to explore more.
2. Visual Engagement through Book Quotes:

Leveraging Alexander's recent book, DOGMA85 curated visually appealing content featuring intriguing quotes and excerpts. This format resonated with book enthusiasts, generating interest in both his literary work and personal journey. The visual nature of this content facilitated easy sharing and extended reach.

3. Emotional Brand Identity:

Understanding the importance of emotional connections, DOGMA85 crafted content that delved into the emotional core of Alexander's work. Personal anecdotes, behind-the-scenes glimpses, and heartfelt stories allowed audiences to connect with him on a deeper level. This emotional resonance not only established a strong brand identity but also cultivated a loyal following.

Strategic Interview Scripting:

A critical aspect of the strategy was the careful scripting of interviews with Alexander Newley. The DOGMA85 team meticulously crafted interview questions to extract meaningful insights that aligned with the desired narrative. By posing the right questions, they enabled Alexander to express precisely what was needed to spark great interest and engagement among the audience

Comparison Data:

To underscore the success of Alexander Newley's revitalized online presence, it's important to compare his engagement and growth rates with those of competitors in the field:​​​​​​​

The results of this strategic approach were remarkable:

1. Follower Growth: Within the span of 8 months, Alexander Newley's follower count surged from 1500 to an impressive 9200, indicating a growth of 550%.

2. Content Diversification: The three parallel content formats successfully reached different segments of the target audience, resulting in increased engagement and interaction.

3. Viral Impact: A single post crafted by DOGMA85 went viral, amassing nearly 600K views and adding 5,5K followers (and still counting) to Alexander's profile. This viral success significantly elevated his online presence.


Through an amalgamation of strategic content creation, careful alignment with Alexander Newley's artistic vision, and a deep understanding of his strengths, DOGMA85 successfully rejuvenated his online presence. By emphasizing meaningful content creation in an era dominated by shallowness, the agency dared to stand out and resonate with an audience hungry for authenticity and depth. Moreover, the strategy's focus on engaging potential book buyers aged 35 to 64 ensured that Alexander's message reached the right audience, resulting in impressive growth and engagement rates. This case study exemplifies the potential of a well-crafted content strategy in transforming an online presence and building a powerful personal brand identity.